Walter Mitty Edward Hall (Eddie) – 216 Para Sigs Walt

Walter Mitty Edward Hall (Eddie) – 216 Para Sigs Walt was outed by Jamie Graham from the Walter Mitty Hunt Community, and is as follows:

Eddie Hall - 216 Para Sigs Walter Mitty.jpg

Very interesting profile on this gent:

He’s either a bit of a legend in the ranks of 216 sigs and the general Airborne Brotherhood, or Walter Mitty Edward Hall (Eddie), the 216 Para Sigs Walt is a bit of a special snowflake.

A few weeks ago my cousin got in touch asking how he can report a soldier to his CO or the like, as he’s conned him out of £200+. Promised to get him a bike for a charity ride on the cheap through mates/family/army or some shite. Bike nor Money ever seen again. Apparently ‘borrowing’ money from locals for reasons like ‘need to get the train back to brecon camp’ and never returning it.
Took a look at his profile and it seems this guy is a national treasure. If a stream of people claim him as an airborne brother, I shall wind my neck in and make a donation to the Airborne forces charity, but to me (ex 2para) something here doesn’t add up.

His profile pics range from re-enactment (as a a lot of his friends) to airsoft/paintball type shite to full blown para hero!

A strange mix of pics. This chap is regularly seen sporting full No.2 dress in pubs around Llandaff, Cardiff, sporting more medals than Mutley. I asked a few 216 sig ex members who, having never heard of him, Pointed out a few things:

He claims to have joined the army in 89, not suspicious but given he would of been in Phase 1 and 2 for apros 12 months leaving either late 89 or in 90 his medals don’t make sence. He has a Gulf war 1 medal, the third in his collection, this war ran from Aug 90 to Feb 91, you will also notice he has before this medal GSM 62, prob NI and UN Cyprus x 2 tours. If he joined in 89 and even if he did go to gulf 1 their no way he’d be able to fit an NI tour and 2 UN Cyprus tours in, that’s 18 months of tours!

I served in 216 from 1985 to 2003 and he isn’t a familiar name or face to me. That’s a fucking shit load of gongs he’s got on there. I’m sure some of the younger lads will know him if he’s served in the squadron after my time.

Also noticed on several of his black and white airsoft photos that he’s wearing a Royal Signals TRY but he has it on the wrong way round, blue should go to the front not the white. This is clearest in the one of him kneeling with his mate behind him.

Take a good look at the tats on his right arm in his first photo of him holding a beer. Do you think the bottom one looks like a Reg tat? I think it does and looking close at it I think you can just make out the lion, crown, parachute and one of the wings! Interesting,.

This 216, para reg tattoo wearing, Airborne,Airsofting, medal hound claims he currently works in Brecon ‘training the young soldiers’.

He once turned up in the local claiming to be doing an bungee jump for charidee, took a load of sponsorship money on the night and never came back for the rest.

Very interested to hear if anyone knows him. 216 lads I’ve spoken to so far, don’t.

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