Tim Wade versus Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ and their new blog on WordPress.com

Tim Wade versus Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ and their new blog on WordPress.com

Tim Wade has had yet another failed and fabricated blog created by the sad trolls at the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ in there now approaching 5 year criminal harassment and libel campaign in trying to discredit his professional IT, internet and publicity career and reputation, the Walter Mitty Hunt Community, it’s original Walter Mitty Hunt Community facebook page and Tim Wades new project for the good of society in general, namely the FACE Fraud and Corruption Exposure website.

The offending new blog on WordPress.com created and posted by the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ and one of their spamming (and now banned from the real Walter Mitty Hunt Community page) sock puppet fake accounts, can be found here:


Unfortunately the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ’s wasn’t brave enough to continue posting their link of yesterday linking to the new blog, but theirs and the sock puppet account Greg Miligers involvment is now noted by the Police, Tim Wades legal representation, a Private Investigator and other loyal friends and witnesses on the ongoing criminal harassment of Tim Wade by the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ.

Now let’s start on some truth regarding the new blog on WordPress.com as published and promoted by the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ and their sock puppets:

  1. Firstly it goes to deliberately harass and libel Tim Wade in calling him both an “internet conman” and suggesting a further con trick? It then fails to make absolutely no proven point on either of these statements. In fact it suggests Tim Wade had lost a Google license (since when have Google issued licenses?) or had one suspended? For the record, Tim Wade IS a genuine Google partner in both the AdSense and AdWords programs and he holds Google Certified Advertising Professional status in managing AdWords accounts on behalf of his clients through the Google AdWords partner program. A status Tim Wade was awarded by Google themselves since the very advent of the Google Certified Advertising Professional program. First wrong call and libel of the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ – not checking fact and making a wrong call; so hypocritical of them again.
  2. Secondly it goes on to try and discredit the reputation of the FACE UK Fraud and Corruption website, Tim Wades professional IT and web reputation and personnal integrity again, and that of the original and genuine Walter Mitty Hunt Community and that of their facebook page. Again with no just cause or any proof of why it is harassing Tim Wade, and offers no justification or evidence to any of it’s readers as to why it is criminally harassing and libelling Tim Wade, or these organisations? Fail number 2 by the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ, that is now all witnessed by the Police, Tim Wades crimanal and civil legal representation, his Private Investigator and any other 3rd party to all the concerned pages.
  3. It then goes on to bring out some actual truth – a certificate of registration of a UK legal, reputatable and registered Ltd company that Tim Wade is a shareholder in. Well done. First piece of publicly true fact that has been said. Also common knowledge, and searchable via the web and Companies House. Not so clever in the persuing comments, in that Tim Wade and his business partner DO ACTUALLY both live abroad – Tim Wade and his business partner make no secret of this. Tim Wade owns his own home outright in Italy (unlike the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ would have you believe; they lie that he lives in a caravan as a gypsy) and Tim Wades business partner has a home in Belgium. His business partner also currently has an address in the UK, where the business is registered. Nothing illegal or to be frowned upon there either then. Just more failed Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ attempts to discredit and harass and libel – criminally, needlessly and soon; to be very accountably too.
  4. The ensuing personal attack on John Desmond, and their harassment campaign against him were initiated after a whole series of faked reports regarding a potential child abduction were reported to the FACE website by a sock puppet of the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ, and this was passed to Pat for investigation where the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ failed to convince any of the parties concerned (Tim Wade, George Gretton and John Desmond) that it/they were genuine claims. The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ were blown out completely for further investigation. The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ realised they had been sussed and well and truely beaten in their failed attempts to mislead all of the parties concerned (attempts that were riddled with lies and misleading further walting too, and that are all again legally documented for their failed attempt to mislead). We didn’t react, believe, get taken in or publish anything regarding this failed attempt to mislead, and therefore this further attempt to discredit, harass and libel by the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ, is completely unprovoked – hence the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ got rattled and again attempted to harass, libel and defame with creation of the associated blog. Lost again! Furthermore, the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ even got taken in and make themselves look fools by falling for and failing to properly research a harassing and libelous post trying to discredit John Desmond, his reputable companies, integrity and reputation – the post that they refer to wasn’t infact created “by some parents” and was infact created by another Walt and one of John Desmonds Private Investigation competitors. As luck would have it, this competitor is himself a Walt, a sacked failed UK copper and is currently on the run from police in Peru for a failed child recovery, in which the father and one of the competitors “operators” have already been arrested by Peruvian Police. John Desmond will now be “exposing” this haressing competitor with all the “justifiable evidence” in his own harassment and libel case investigations, against both his competitor and the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ, now they’ve chosen to libel and discredit him with their fabricated lies in attempt to misguide even their own pages membership.
  5. Last but not least George Gretton. Anybody is welcome to look up George – Tim Wades partner in exposing all things unjust, untrue, fraudulant and corrupt. Nothing wrong with Georges moral responsibility and integrity with regards the ICAEW – they sacked him for exposing the vast corruption and money laundering rife across the Institude of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, as well as ficticious claims within their legal representation, one of the “barristers” concerned already being exposed on the FACE website, and with other exposures still to come. Might have known the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ would have a failed attempt to discredit George too. There attempt to suggest Tim Wade had been further walting with regards any Afghanistan service is further discredited both by Tim Wades own admission that he didn’t serve there in the further comments of the same screendump, and the immediately following comment to George Grettons that he had simply made a mistake. For the record Tim Wade was out of the Army well prior to Y2K problems and was already IT Manager of quite a respectable UK Gas Company in London prior to the Twin Towers incident that made the Afghanistan deployments required.

It seems the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ can only discredit themselves with their further lies and failures to check evidence properly, and are easily taken in with hearsay that they read on the web. We think they probably quite enjoy incriminating themselves for all to see!




Author: Tim Wade

Internet publicist web designer/SEO and computer network engineer. Discover more at http://www.flowcasa.rocks UK Fraud and Corruption Exposure at http://www.fraudandcorruptionexposure.co.uk

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